The School of Tourism and Catering is a vocational school. It was established with the aim of educating and educating students for the professions needed for the further development of tourism and hospitality in the Republic of Croatia. The school educates students through regular education and adult education for the following occupations:


  • Four-year education (hotel and tourist technician & tourist-hotel commercialist);
  • Three yera eduaction (waiter, chef & confectioner);
  • Education of students with disabilities (auxiliary waiter & Assistant chef & pastry chef)


It is important to note that vertical mobility is ensured in education, where, for example, a graduate waiter, chef or pastry chef has the opportunity to complete one of the given occupations from a four-year education or improve their profession through adult education.


Students with a four-year occupation most often continue their higher education at the faculties of economics, law, hotels, tourism and philosophy (foreign languages). >> Contact




VisMedNet is an association of professionals from Malta that has been working in the fields of education, youth and career development since 2012. It has extensive experience as leader and partner in more than 50 projects since its start however its team includes experts with more than 20 years of experience and it has some areas of specialization:


  • communities of practice and learning communities that have been a central part of its work including its very own platform for grass roots research and peer review, sharing of business ideas and mapping of subject areas of interest servicing more than 7 different projects;
  • training design that supplements or augments reach and scope of formal education therefore promoting access to education for all irrespective of age, gender, background or social/economic situation promoting its philosophy of more leadership in schools and more creative and cooperative learning spaces;
  • sustainability of projects with several of its projects exploitation and augmenting scope of previous or parallel projects furthermore sustained by a team of the same mindset.





Víkurskóli is a compulsory school for students from 13-15 years old. Víkurskóli was established the 1st og August, 2020 and is in Grafarvogur, the northern part of Reykjavík.


Víkurskóli has a special emphasis on innovation regarding both technology and teaching methods. There are approximately 230 students in the school this year. >>FB page




Palmerstown Community School was founded in 1982. It is a co-educational secondary school which offers a wide array of subjects to its 700+ students.  All students study the core subjects of Irish, English and Maths then may pick another four additional subjects ranging from History and Geography to Art and Woodwork. Our students complete six years with us then can go on to partake in college or a post leaving cert courses. >> Website





NEFINIA, a Dutch innovative consultancy company, founded in 2007, continuously offering an increasing range of added value products, services, solutions, best practices, commercial business developments, promotion of entrepreneurship for everyone. NEFINIA aims at serving as a best example of bottom up Institution Building effort towards EU Integration and regional competitiveness, playing a key role, contributing in the implementation of EU Regulations and Directives through its participation in EU funded networks & projects, at inter-regional level.





EPAL NAFPAKTOU is a vocational school with a long tradition in Vocational Education (the school was founded in 1967). It provides specialized training in the field of services: ICTs, Health, Food Technology, Economics and Management, Tourism, Mechanical Engineering, Refrigeration Systems, Central Heating Systems – Technology of Petroleum and Natural Gas,  Electrical Engineering, Electronics. Our college educates around 300 students (aged 15+), from both rural and urban environments taught by 50 teachers coming either from general or vocational education. The school is situated in Western Greece, at the edge of a district called Aitoloakarnania on a bay on the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth. The town is located about 220 km from Athens, the capital of Greece, just across Peloponnesus.

Starting from 2015, a variety of activities designed to bring a European dimension to our school have been performed: Pestalozzi, eTwinning (eTwinning school 2020-2021), Erasmus plus and so on. These activities involved both students and teachers; at times parents, local community representatives and they empowered an effort towards an education for European values.




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These are the partner organisations of the project , responsible for the development of the differnet outcomes and the launch team for our European Initiative: